Public Notice

Beginning Monday, June 1st all County Clerk locations will be open on an appointment basis for issuance of certified copies of Birth and Death records.  Birth and Death record issuance will apply to Denton County residents only.  Please call one of the following locations to inquire about scheduling an appointment.

Denton: 940-349-2018

Cross Roads: 940-349-4400

Carrollton:  972-434-7170

Frisco: 972-434-3900

Lewisville:  972-434-4790

Flower Mound: 972-434-3950

Non-County Residents:  Requests for copies of birth or death records must be submitted by mail.  Please see the following steps to proceed by mail.

  • Download the following application to request the record.
  • You must complete Page 1 (application), Page 2 (Notarized Proof of Identification), and Page 3 or Page 4 (dependent upon method of payment you prefer).
  • Mail completed documents along with a photocopy of your ID to the following address:
  • Denton County Clerk
    Attn: Vital Records
    1450 E. McKinney St.
    Denton, TX 76209

For any additional questions, please call 940-349-2018.

Requesting a copy of your Birth Certificate for your passport application?

The Denton County Clerk can only guarantee copies for births that occurred within Denton County.  In order to avoid delays, it is recommended to those born outside of Denton County to obtain a copy from your county of birth, prior to applying for your passport.

Birth records are not public records and information cannot be verified via phone.  For questions, please call (940) 349-2018.

Birth and Death Certificate

Birth and Death Certificates can be obtained at all 6 County Clerk locations. Hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM.

The County Clerk's Real Property Records Search website now contains Birth/Death indices.

Visit the Bureau of Vital Statistics site on Birth & Death Indexes.

Only a Qualified Applicant may obtain a copy of a birth or death certificate. 

Q.    Who is a Qualified Applicant?

  1. The registrant. The person named in the record.
  2. The parent, child, brother, sister, spouse, grandparent, legal guardian or managing conservator of the registrant.
  3. Legal representative, agent or other person acting under contract for the registrant.  Must provide a letter of permission and copy of identification from the registrant.
An applicant must provide all necessary information and show proper identification prior to obtaining the certificate.

Any Texas birth certificate may be purchased in Denton County. This office uses a remote access system to the State's records dating, at this time from 1926 to the present. However, births are not usually available on the computer system for approximately 3 weeks after the date of birth.

Q.    How much does it cost to obtain a birth certificate?

   A. $23.00 per certified copy.

Q.    How much does it cost for a copy of a death certificate?

   A. $21.00 for the first copy and $4.00 for each additional copy.

Q.    What information is needed to obtain a birth/death certificate?


The information required is the same for either a birth or death certificate and is as follows:

  1. Full name on birth/death certificate

  2. Date and place of birth/death

  3. Father's full name

  4. Mother's full name including maiden name

  5. Name, address and phone number of the Requestor

  6. Relationship to person on birth/death record

  7. Valid identification (Driver License Preferred)

  8. Fee. Acceptable payment options are: cash, money order, cashier's check, business check and personal checks accepted. Certain rules, restrictions and fees apply to credit card use. Please call our office for details if paying by credit card.

Q.    May I obtain a birth/death certificate by mail?

   A. Yes. To obtain a birth/death certificate by mail, complete and send the application form, available on this site, along with the appropriate fee, payable to: Denton County Clerk, to: 1450 E. McKinney St. Denton, TX 76209 Attn: Birth/Death Records. Acceptable payment options are: cash, money order, cashier's check, business check and personal checks accepted. Certain rules, restrictions and fees apply to credit card use. Please call our office for details if paying by credit card.  Please provide a legible return address and daytime telephone number in your request.

Q.   Can I download the birth/death certificate application forms?


Download the application for birth/death certificate in English Adobe Acrobat PDF or Español Adobe Acrobat PDF

The forms you print must be clear and sharp. Applications that are blurred or illegible will not be accepted. They must be printed in black print on white paper. The paper must be 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches, with no holes or perforations, at least medium (20 lb.) weight, and with a matte surface.  Thermal paper, dye-sublimation paper, special inkjet paper, and other shiny-papers are not acceptable. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download the application forms. 

 Q.   How can a Funeral Home Director obtain a Burial Transit Permit outside of regular operating hours?

A Funeral Home Director may e-mail Stacy Trantham, the Department Supervisor, in order to request this permit.