County Clerk - Recording

Bond to Indemnify

Fee to file and record a Bond to Indemnify:

  • $26.00 + $4.00 per page
  • Add 5 pages to the total number of pages you are submitting.
  • These 5 pages include the Recording Page, Notice, Certificate of Mailing, mailing label, and Firmbook page.  All 5 pages are generated by the clerk’s office and are required for recording purposes.    
  • $25.00 Service Fee

For example, if you have 8 pages to submit please add 5 more pages to your total. Your page count is now 13 and your final total is $103.00 ($78.00 for recording and $25.00 for service).

Please call the County Clerk's office at (940) 349-2010 if you have any questions regarding fees.