Public Notice

March 16 – 31, 2020: All hearings scheduled for March 16 – 31, 2020 in Denton County Criminal Court Number Two are being reset. Do NOT come to the court. Notices of new court dates will be sent electronically to the attorneys of record and bond companies, and by mail to the Defendants at the last address provided to the Court. Court dates will also be posted on the Denton County website at

Attorneys needing to schedule a plea during March, 2020, please contact the Court Administrator by email at

County Criminal Court No. 2

Judge Susan PielThe Honorable Susan Piel
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 2

Denton County Courts Building
1450 East McKinney Street
Denton, TX 76209-4524
1st Floor
(940) 349-2170
(972) 434-8817
(940) 349-2171 (Fax)

Do not attempt to contact a judge - by mail, e-mail, phone, or in person - about any pending or potential lawsuit!
Doing so may result in serious consequences.