County Criminal Court No. 4

The Honorable Chance Oliver
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 4

Denton County Courts Building 
1450 East McKinney Street
Suite 2306, 2nd Floor
Denton, TX 76209-4524

(940) 349-2380
(972) 434-8838
(940) 349-5014 (Fax)

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WARNING: Do not attempt to contact a judge - by mail, e-mail, phone, or in person - about any pending or potential lawsuit! Doing so may result in serious consequences.


Why does the court-appointed attorney refuse to speak with me about my family member’s criminal case?

Family members, friends, and relatives of a criminal defendant often experience frustration because the lawyer refuses to discuss with them the pending criminal case. This is often due to the lawyer’s ethical obligations...

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