County Investments

All Texas Counties and their investment of public funds is governed by the Texas Public Funds Investment Act, as per Chapter 2256 of the Government Code. In Denton County, the County Treasurer and the County Auditor serve as dual Investment Officers as approved by the Commissioners Court. Together the Treasurer and the Auditor determine investment strategies for the investment of county funds in accordance with the Public Funds Investment Act and the Denton County Investment Policy.

The County Treasurer maintains the county investment policy, oversees Broker/Dealer relationships and performs as necessary the daily financial investment transactions. The County Auditor prepares the required Quarterly Investment Report and submits them to Commissioners Court for approval.

The County Treasurer chairs the County Investment Evaluation Committee composed of the County Auditor, Budget Officer, a Commissioners Court designee, a designee of the District Attorney’s Office/Civil Division and a private citizen being a county resident appointed by Commissioners Court.

2020 Denton County Investment Policy Adobe Acrobat PDF

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