Hot Checks Section

Information For Check Writers:

How do I take care of my hot checks at the District Attorney Hot Check Department?

  1. Pay the check(s) in full
  2. Enroll on the Payment Plan, if eligible
  3. Call (940) 349-2700 or (972) 434-8827 to find out how much you owe and if you qualify for the payment plan

Do I have to pay a fine when I pay my hot checks?

  1. No! A fine is accessed when a criminal case is filed

Do I have to pay any fees when I pay my hot checks?

  1. Yes! A District Attorney Hot Check Fee is accessed and a Merchant Fee of $30.00 is added to each check

What should I do if a Hot Check Criminal Case has been filed against me?

  1. You may surrender at 127 North Woodrow Lane, Pre-Trial facility and get out of jail free on Class A & Class B Hot Check Warrants
  2. A Felony Case will require a Bond Company, Attorney, or Cash Bond.

Does paying the checks in full take care of the case filed against me?

  1. No! Paying the checks or enrolling on the Payment Plan is only one step in taking care of your case.
  2. You will need an attorney to assist you with any Felony Hot Check Cases

How To Contact Us:

(940) 349-2700
(972) 434-8827 or
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