The attorneys and investigators in the Misdemeanor Trial Division are assigned to the County Courts to prosecute misdemeanor criminal offenses that occur in Denton County. Much of their time is spent in these courts on docket calls, pre-trial matters, pleas before the court, revocations, jury trials, court trials, and post-trial habeas corpus matters or motions for new trial. When the attorneys and investigators are not in the courtroom they spend their time reviewing and preparing the cases for the next docket call, pre-trial, plea, revocation, jury trial, court trial or post-trial matter including locating witnesses, interviewing witnesses and reviewing evidence. The Misdemeanor Trial Division also makes appearances in the six Justice of the Peace Courts on a rotating basis to handle contested criminal matters.



(All Personnel Can Be Reached At (940) 349-2600, Or Click on Name to E-Mail)

Kristin Kidd, Chief, Misdemeanor Trial Division, (940) 349-2688
Britney Gendron, Deputy Misdemeanor Chief, (940) 349-2609

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