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Demonstration Line

Using the VINE Demonstration Line:

The VINE demonstration line will give you an idea of how the Vine Victim notification service will work in your community. To use the demonstration, you should be at a telephone that will accept direct incoming calls. Part of the demonstration includes the VINE service calling your registered telephone number to notify of an inmate’s release.

Steps to using the demonstration:


  1. Dial the VINE demonstration line at 1-800-816-0490*

  2. The demonstration line will allow you to search for an inmate using an inmate number or the inmate’s name. Either choice may be selected. This demonstration program has three inmates. Use the information shown below.

  3. After the VINE service responds with the inmate’s status, you will be asked if you wish to register for notification. Select option 2 to register for notification.

  4. When Vine tells you enter a telephone number, enter the telephone number VINE should use when calling you back. Do not register a telephone number that rings to a switchboard.

  5. VINE will also ask you to enter a Personal Identification Number (PIN) Code to confirm the notification call.

  6. After you hang up, the VINE Call Center will be prompted to notify you of the inmate’s release within one minute. When the notification call arrives, answer the phone as normal and follow the directions.

 *If the line is not answering, call VINE Customer Service at 1-800-865-4314 and indicate you wish to use the demonstration line.

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