General Information 

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General Information

This is a Victim of Crimes Act Grant Project provided through the Criminal Justice Division of the Governor’s Office. Available in English and Spanish

Information provided when calling the system:

  • Current Offender Status
  • Location of Offender
  • Scheduled release date (if available)
  • Charges
  • Victim Services in Area
  • Court Information:
    • Date of next court date
    • Time of next court date
    • Location of next court date
    • Type of next court date

Notification calls to registered victims will be made on:

  • Change of status:
    • Release
    • Escape
    • Death
  • Change of status to unsupervised
    • Work Furlough
  • Change of custody to transferred
    • Give new location (if available)
  • Change of court dates


Victims' training video
Officers' training video
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