Public Notice

In an effort to accommodate social distancing guidelines, we have moved the report location for grand jury service from the Denton County Courts Building to the Morse Street Building, 3900 Morse Street, 1st floor, Denton, TX 76208.

Grand Jury Services

David Trantham
Denton County District Clerk

Morse Street Facility 
3900 Morse St.
Denton, Texas  76208

Denton County Online Jury Services: 

  • Complete your juror questionnaire online
  • Claim a disqualification or exemption online
  • Check your grand juror status online
  • Reprint a copy of your jury badge
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Reporting Instructions:

*Please dress appropriately for court. NO SHORTS!*
Morse Street Facility, 3900 Morse St. Denton, Texas 76208 at 8:45 AM.


Are grand jurors paid for their service?

Grand jurors are paid for their service. Each prospective grand juror receives six dollars ($6) for the first day of appearance and then forty dollars ($40) for the second and any subsequent days of appearance. Grand jurors may donate their pay to a number of organizations that have been approved by the Denton County Commissioners Court. A total donation made by both petit and grand jurors to those organizations average about $75,000 annually.

Must my employer pay me while I’m on jury service?

Unfortunately your employer is not currently required by Texas state law to pay you while you are serving jury duty. However the law states that an employer can not terminate your employment for attending jury service.

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