Health Data

Are you interested in learning more about Denton County's community health and data that supports it?  DCPH has an abundance of health data available through Network of Care.  Visit Network of Care or click the image below for Denton County's community health data and compare our community to those around the country.   

Denton County Public Health Assessment and Wellness



Within the State of Texas, Denton County is in Region 3.  The links below provide access to data regarding health and statistics within Region 3.   

Denton County

DCPH Epidemiologists work throughout each year monitoring diseases, outbreaks, and health concerns within Denton County.  Click here or the image below to access DCPH's most recent Epidemiology Annual Report.  The following links provide access to Denton County Health Rankings, comparing Denton County's health ranking to all other counties in Texas as well as other statistics important to local public health efforts.

2017 Epidemiology Annual Report image