Health Information

Denton County Public Health is working hard to make sure that our community is adequately aware of health issues that may be of concern to you and your family. This is an ongoing process and this site will be updated with additional resources as they are developed. For a complete list of health information, visit the Department of State Health Services website and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

Category A Agents

The public health system and the medical community must be prepared to address various biological agents, including pathogens that are rarely seen in the United States. These high-priority agents, called category A agents, include organisms that pose a risk to national security because they:

  • can be easily disseminated or transmitted from person to person;
  • result in high mortality rates and have the potential for major public health impact;
  • might cause public panic and social disruption; and
  • require special action for public health preparedness

The Health Department works hard to make sure Denton County is adequately prepared to respond to diseases caused by Category A agents. The department works in conjunction with other public health agencies, including the Department of State Health Services and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

We encourage residents and the medical community to become familiar with these disease causing agents. Get involved in planning for a possible response by joining the Denton County Medical Reserve Corps (MRC). 

The following files are in PDF Adobe Acrobat PDF Format :

Category A Agents Other Diseases/Information
 Anthrax  Bed Bugs
 Botulism  Heat Safety Outside Brochure
 Ebola  Influenza
 Plague  Meningitis
 Smallpox  Monkeypox
 Tularemia  Mononucleosis
   Salmonella Brochure
  Shigella Brochure:
   West Nile Virus