Who We Are

Mission Statement:

Denton County Public Health promotes and preserves sustainable community health through exceptional education, compassionate care and quality service.

Vision Statement:

Leading our communities to a healthier future.

Core Values:

Providing compassionate health care

Respect, through teamwork, knowledge and professionalism

Advocating prevention

Committing to excellence

Trust through performance

Innovating for creative solutions

Community health focus

Educating for health and wellness  

Denton County Public Health Leadership Team 


Leadership Team Photo

Matt Richardson, DRPH, MPH, FACHE

Director of Public Health

(940) 349-2913

Juan Rodriguez, MPH

Assistant Director; Chief Epidemiologist

(940) 349-2916

Catherine Sembajwe-Reeves MA, IDP

Division Manager

Administration and Compliance

(940) 349-5888

Tammy Eoff

Health Administrator

(940) 349-2912

Monica Sanchez Ramirez

Administrative Manager - Denton

(940) 349-2565

Sonia Tovar

Administrative Manager - Lewisville

(972) 434-4713

Marty Buchanan, MD

Division Manager 

Health Authority/Medical Director

(940) 349-2583

Clifford Leffingwell, DDS


(940) 349-2550

Doug Sanders

Correctional Health Administrator

(940) 349-1993

Caren Sanders

Juvenile Health Administrator

(940) 349-2453

Kristine Sledge, RN

Clinical Nursing Supervisor

(940) 349-2925

Heather Lee, RN

Assistant Nursing Supervisor - Lewisville        


Troy Taylor

Senior Forensic Death Investigator

(940) 349-7870

Alex Reed, LMSW

Division Manager

Community Health

(940) 349-2921

Kathleen Oliver

WIC Director

(940) 349-2935

Jodi Ashbaugh

Assistant WIC Director

(940) 349-2949

Kamilah Hasan, MA, CHW

Health Education Program Coordinator

(940) 349-4715

Isabel Rodriguez

Indigent Care Coordinator

(940) 349-2940

Jennifer Rainey

Public Information Officer

(940) 349-2564

Joe Paul Gallo, RN, MSN Ed, CST

Division Manager

Disease Control and Prevention

(940) 349-2922

Sarah McKinney

Immunization Program Coordinator

(940) 349-2918

Celicia Boykin, MPH

STD Program Coordinator

(940) 349-2578

Bob Martinez, MPH

Division Manager 

Preparedness and Response

(940) 349-2915

Leslie Freeman

Environmental Health Coordinator

(940) 349-2920

Dayton Arkansas

Assistant Bioterrorism Coordinator

(940) 349-2598