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Upon the American entry into the First World War, President Woodrow Wilson expressed his immense concern, declaring, "It is a fearful thing to lead this great peaceful people into war, into the most terrible and disastrous of all wars."  The Great War was indeed terrible, introducing the American public to a horrific new form of mechanized warfare.  On the home front, Americans mobilized in support of the war abroad, experiencing restrictive limits on both consumer goods and civil rights.  In slightly over a year at war, Denton County alone would lose 35 young men, while scores more were wounded in action.


With this in mind, it is easy to understand why the Denton Record-Chronicle would declare Armistice Day "The greatest day the world has ever known."  Residents celebrated the end of the war with fireworks (limited though they were by rationing) and an impromptu parade, as attendants toasted the death of "Kaiserism".   As we now know, the "war to end all wars" did not bring an end to large-scale combat, but the repercussions of the First World War can be felt to the present day in Denton County. 


Like so much of our local history, this was a collaborative effort.  Those of us at the Denton County Historical Commission are extremely grateful to Denton County Judge's Office, Laura Douglas, Leslie Couture, Tona Batis, Chuck Voellinger, Judy Clements, and the staff of the Denton County Office of History and Culture for their contributions.  We must also express special thanks to DJ Taylor, whose tireless efforts shepherded this project through from start to completion, and without whom this edition would not have been possible.  The narrative of the Great War is found in the collective experiences of those who shaped the war, whether at home or abroad, and who were in turn shaped by it.  We hope that we have told their stories well.


Jonathan Mount

Denton County Historical Commission


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