Historic Bridges cover


The Denton County Office of History and Culture has created this guidebook with the goal of fostering public interest in historic bridges located within the county. From the information in this book, students will learn about the county’s project to relocate and repurpose iron and steel bridges—some erected more than 130 years ago—saving the antique structures from demolition and enhancing the beauty and character of their new locations in Denton County.  By educating elementary school students about the way that each bridge influenced the development of the county, we hope to encourage the next generation to become engaged citizens who will work to preserve these important elements of our history. The information and lessons in this book have been prepared with particular emphasis on the state standards for fourth-grade students identified below:

 TEKS:   History: 4c, 5a

  Geography: 8a, 8b, 8c, 9a, 9b

  Economics: 10b, 12a, 12b, 12c, 12e

  Science, technology, and society: 20b

  Social studies skills: 21e, 23a


This manual includes a brief history of bridge development in Denton County; a basic outline of the science of bridge structures to help familiarize students with terminology and designs; a timeline representing construction dates of historic bridges with significant events that influenced their construction; a map displaying their original and current locations; and a summary of the adoption and relocation process.

In addition to a selection of classroom activity ideas and handouts, we have provided detailed information and suggestions on four of Denton County’s historic bridges so teachers can plan and conduct self-guided tours. These individual sketches will also help students recognize the unique nature of every bridge—each designed according to its own set of obstacles to overcome—cultivating an appreciation for the social, economic, and cultural value of Denton County’s historic bridges. 

Denton County Bridges Adobe Acrobat PDF