Deferred Disposition

Code of Criminal Procedure Article 45.051
Suspension of Sentence and Deferral of Final Disposition  



Requirements for consideration of Deferred Disposition in Justice Court, Precinct 4:

Cannot request deferred if charged with the following: 

    • A violation that occurred in a Construction Zone with Workers Present
    • No serious traffic violations
    • Speeding violations must be no more than 24 mph over the speed limit to qualify


If offense occurred on or after September 1, 2007, Deferred Disposition is not available for the following:

    • Charged with a speed of 95 mph or more even if the charge is less than 24 mph over the speed limit

Commercial Driver License Holders:

    • Deferred Not Available

Texas Residence:

    • A defendant must enter a plea of no contest or guilty to request Deferred Disposition
    • Return the completed Deferred Disposition Application in person or by mail. If mailed, please send a self addressed stamped envelope (call Court for amount owed)
    • A copy of your personal insurance card
    • A copy of your driver license
    • A Drivers Safety Course will be ordered when there has been an accident
    • A Drivers Safety Course will be ordered if under the age of 25 at the time of the offense
    • A Driving Test with the Department of Public Safety will be ordered if you have a "provisional" driver license

Out of State Residence:

    • All rules apply as above

Payment Method:

    • Cash, if in person
    • Cashier's Check or Money Order
    • No personal checks or credit cards accepted