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Stormwater Matters for Kids

This page is full of activities and links specifically designed to help young people understand the importance of preventing polluted stormwater runoff. You're never to young (or old) to prevent pollutions and protect our water resources! Learn about stormwater and have fun at the same time!

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From the links below, you can play animated games, watch videos, explore interactive posters, and get ideas on ways to help out.

Groundwater Foundation

Whether you are 4 or 94, a student or a teacher, The Groundwater Foundation will help you learn and teach others about the wonders of GROUNDWATER! Find tools, resources, ideas, and ready-to-go activity to bring to life the magic of groundwater. 

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2020 Calendar

Freddie the Fish Teaches About Stormwater

Freddie The Fish

Freddy the Fish teaches kids about what happens to rain after it hits the ground, where storm drains lead to, and what we can do to help prevent water pollution.
Produced by the North Central Texas Council of Governments Environment & Development Department.