Records Management

Looking for Records?

Denton County has a wealth of documents and records available to the public. Members of the public seeking access to County records should contact the individual department that maintains the information. View a list of Denton County services and departments.

Not sure where to go?

If you’re not sure which department holds the records you need, send us an email or give us a call! Our customer service staff will help direct you to the correct department.

Who Are the Record Custodians?

County Clerk
Assumed Names/DBA
Birth/Death Records
Civil/Probate Courts
Criminal Misdemeanor Courts
Land/Deed Records
Marriage Licenses
Real Property Records

District Attorney
Administrative Open Records Requests

District Clerk
Civil/Family District Courts
Criminal/Felony District Courts

Human Resources
Employee Records

Justices of the Peace
Small Claims Courts
Traffic Offences

Sheriff's Office
Jail/Inmate Information
Sheriff Reports

Tax Assessor/Collector
Motor Vehicle Registration
Property Tax Records

Holly Dolan
Records Preservation Manager

Denton County Courts Building
1450 E. McKinney Street
Suite A-119
Denton, TX 76209-4524
Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
(940) 349-2370

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Our Mission

To empower each Denton County department in implementing efficient, transparent, and compliant records management practices across every record medium with the goal of mitigating risk and establishing accountability with the public.

About Us

Required by the Local Government Records Act, Denton County Records Management is responsible for the creation of Denton County records policies and procedures based on government regulations and industry best practices. The department assists Denton County users in compliance with these policies through training and consultation on records management issues related to physical and digital information.

Records Management provides Records Center services including storage, preservation, imaging, and destruction of records at no additional cost to Denton County departments. The Denton County Records Center is a climate‐controlled repository designed for the storage and maintenance of inactive paper records. As of October 2019, the Records Center provides storage services for 66 business units in the county and holds approximately 33,000 containers.