Veterans Service

"Serving Denton County Veterans with an attitude of gratitude"


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The Denton County Veterans Service Office offers vital assistance to Denton County Veterans and their dependents in filing VA benefit claims.

General Information

The veterans' benefit counselors of the Denton County Veterans Service Office assist veterans of the Armed Forces and their dependents file claims and obtain their benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs after service to our country.

The staff of the Veterans Service can assist you with the following subjects:

  • Compensation or Pension
  • Disability Retirement
  • Death Indemnity Compensation
  • Appeal to Board of Veterans Appeal
  • Hospital and Outpatient Benefits
  • Texas Veterans Land Board Programs
  • Educational Benefits
  • Vocational Benefits
  • Debt Waivers
  • Obtaining Lost Military Records
  • SPAN Transportation to DVA Medical Facilities
  • Review of Military Discharge
  • Claims for Insurance Payments
  • Burial Allowance

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