Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get transportation to the VA hospital in Dallas?

Answer - Call SPAN Transportation to Schedule your ride the to the VA (940) 382-1900.

I was wounded in 1945 and want to file a claim for service connected benefits what should I do?

Answer - claims for service connection are so complicated that they should only be attempted with a counselor’s assistance. We have four counselors in this office that understand the VA and how to apply the law to our benefit.

I have been turned down several times before for my service connected injuries and no one can help me. 

Answer - this office understands the law under which the VA must operate, Title 38 Code of Federal Regulations. We apply the law in the interest of the veteran not the VA.

My mother is in a nursing home on Medicaid receiving $45 per month, can she get some help from the VA?

Answer - she may be eligible for $90 per month in lieu of the $45 she gets now if her deceased spouse was a combat era veteran.

I just had a heart attack and can’t work any more; can the VA help me?

Answer - the VA provides a pension for veterans of a war time era that are permanently and totally disabled, based on income. We would have to review your income to determine how much would be available from the VA.

The cost of my prescriptions is getting to be more than I can afford. Will the VA fill them for me?

Answer - No, the VA will not directly fill a civilian doctor’s prescriptions. However, if you are eligible to use VA medical facilities you can take those prescriptions to a doctor’s appointment. The attending physician can prescribe like medicines for you at a charge of generally $9.00 co-pay per prescription.

As an honorably discharged veteran, I know that I am eligible to be buried in a VA cemetery. Is there one in the North Texas area and can I reserve a spot?

Answer - Yes, the Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery opened in May 2000. It is located at 2191 Mountain Creek Parkway, Telephone 214/467-3374. No- you can’t make a reservation. Your funeral director knows the procedures. The VA will provide a gravesite, graveliner, headstone or marker, Presidential Memorial Certificate, U.S. Flag and perpetual care of the gravesite.

Are there any VA medical facilities in the North Texas area and where are they located?

Answer - Yes, there are three primary medical facilities located in the North Texas area. First, is the Dallas VA medical Center located at 4500 S. Lancaster in South Dallas, telephone 1 (800) 849-3597. Second, is the Fort Worth Outpatient Clinic located at 300 West Rosedale, telephone 1 (800) 443-9672. Third, is the Sam Rayburn Memorial Veterans Center located at 1201 East 9th St. in Bonham, Texas. There is a fourth VA facility, the Denton Community Based Outpatient Clinic, located 2223 Colorado Blvd., Denton, Texas 76205 behind the Golden Triangle Mall and next to the Sonic Drive-in. The local phone number is (940)-891-6350

I need a copy of my discharge, my DD214. How can I get a copy?

Answer - Hopefully, you registered it with your local county clerk upon returning home. If so, it would be readily available to you. If not, we will submit a request from to the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) requesting a copy be sent to you. You should receive requested copy in six weeks.

Over the many years since I left the military I have lost all my medals and awards. Is there someway I can get them replaced by the Government?

Answer - Yes, there is. Come into our office with a copy of your discharge papers and we will complete a form that will be sent to the NPRC for replacement medals and awards. We understand that the system is greatly backlogged at the current time; however, all requests will ultimately be filled. Generally, there is no charge for medal or award replacements.