Paul Bastaich
Service Officer

Don Phillips

Assistant Service Officer

Spencer Kimball

Assistant Service Officer

Stella Bartlett

Assistant Service Officer I

Eric Anders

Assistant Service Officer I

The staff of the Veterans Service can assist you with the following subjects:

  • Compensation or Pensionvethand
  • Disability Retirement
  • Death Indemnity Compensation
  • Appeal to Board of Veterans Appeal
  • Hospital and Outpatient Benefits
  • Texas Veterans Land Board Programs
  • Educational Benefits
  • Vocational Benefits
  • Debt Waivers
  • Obtaining Lost Military Records
  • SPAN Transportation to DVA Medical Facilities
  • Review of Military Discharge
  • Claims for Insurance Payments
  • Burial Allowance

If you are interested in veterans' benefits contact a veterans benefit counselor by e-mailing Spencer KimballDon Phillips, Stella Bartlett or Paul Bastaich.

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