Commissioners Court Meeting

Tuesday, August 4, 2020 (9:00 AM - 12:00 PM)

Remote Commissioners Court

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, effective March 16, 2020, Texas Governor Abbott suspended certain Open Meeting rules to allow videoconference meetings of government bodies that are accessible to the public to decrease large groups of people from assembling. The suspension temporarily removes the requirement that government officials and members of the public be physically present at a meeting location.

Denton County Commissioners Court meetings will temporarily be held via videoconference and will not be held at the Courthouse-On-The-Square. Denton County invites you to participate remotely in its meetings. Commissioners Court meetings are recorded and part of the permanent public record of the Denton County Commissioners Court.

Please see our Remote Meeting Participation Guide for information on how to watch or participate in Commissioners Court meetings. Pursuant to the Texas Open Meetings Law, all individuals intending to offer oral or written testimony must submit a Public Comment Form prior to the meeting and adhere to the Public Comment Policy Code of Conduct (PDF)

The Commissioners Court is the general governing body of Denton County. The Court is made up of the County Judge who is elected countywide and presides over the full Court, and the four County Commissioners -- each elected from one of the County's four precincts.

The four county commissioners have both countywide and precinct responsibilities. Each commissioner is responsible for construction and maintenance of County roads within his or her precinct. Some commissioners maintain offices both at the Courthouse-On-The-Square and within their precincts. They are responsive to the particular needs of people living within their areas of the County. In Denton County, each member of Commissioners Court serves as a liaison to a particular board or agency of the County.