Organizational Mission, Purpose and Goals


Denton County will be recognized as the leader in local government through its excellent service to citizens and quality workforce. We will carry out our duties by respecting citizens, maintaining fiscal responsibility, demonstrating accountability, and fairly and equitably allocating resources.


Ultimately, it is Commissioners Court who through the budget and planning process, must balance limited fiscal resources with needs identified by the citizens, requirements of other elected officials and departments, state and federal mandates, and their own values.


The following primary goals of the county which were established by the Commissioners Court form an outline for county departments to follow. Achievement of these goals is essential for Denton County to remain an effective instrument in public life in the coming decades.

  • Remaining fiscally responsible and conservative
  • Pro-actively planning for change and growth
  • Maintaining the highest level of safety and security for our citizens
  • Aggressively pursue maintaining the lowest possible tax rate
  • Preserving and upgrading the public infrastructure
  • Developing economic and industrial growth
  • Maintaining a stable, high quality workforce
  • Providing support for mobility and transportation needs in the county
  • Providing an effective and efficient judicial/legal system to serve the citizens
  • Retaining and expanding partnerships to improve the health of citizens
  • Fulfilling legislative obligations
  • Developing long-range strategic plans
  • Preserving an adequate fund balance
  • Enhancing e-government solutions and technologies